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Friendly, expert PC support

There are lots of sources for PC and Macintosh support nowadays, but if you want someone professional, reliable, who will help you honestly without baffling you with jargon and who takes great pride in the quality of his work, then look no further and call Paul at Webcharm!

Webcharm was started in 2007 and has so far assisted over 1000 individual customers around the Chester and Wrexham areas. From the beginning, looking after customers has been the focus - providing a service second to none whilst keeping charges competitive with others in the same field.

Webcharm will visit your home, your offices or alternatively can arrange for you to bring your computer in to our office for a free diagnosis. 

Paul has a batchelors degree in Electronics and over 38 years of computer and electronics design experience. He built his first PC in 1986 and feels like he's been permanently attached to one ever since!

He came to Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones later (2009 onwards) but there's not much he can't fix and currently has far too many Apple devices for just one person!

Apple Mac Upgrades

Do you own an older Apple iMac or MacBook which is running slowly, but you really don't want the great expense of changing up to the latest Apple products?  If so, your existing machine might be able to be upgraded - extra memory and a fast Solid State Disk (SSD) may well allow you to squeeze some extra years of useful life out of your investment.

Generally, iMacs from 2019 or older can be fitted with extra RAM and fast SSD disks. Upgrading a MacBook depends very much on the year and model, but as a rough guide the Airs from 2017 or older, Pros from 2016 or older can be upgraded to some extent. It very much depends on the model and the older the computer, the more upgradable it tends to be.

Upgrading older kit can really make a big and very noticable difference to usability. My first MacBook Pro is a 2009 model and it still runs very well, though is limited (by Apple) to running the old El Capitan version of MacOS.

Feel free to contact Webcharm to discuss the specific upgrade options for your particular model of Apple computer. All we need is the model and year (Apple Logo --> About this Mac) or the serial number of your computer.

  • Webcharm can handle just about anything with respect to PC systems and internet and networking requirements. If you are unsure as to whether we can help you, just ring or email and we will give you a direct and honest response.

  • We have built Webcharm on the foundations of trust, reliability and professionalism. Our customers are our livelihood and want to keep them for life by looking after them.

  • The majority of our customers are the general public with a growing number of business clients ranging from the motor trade through to shops, dairy farms, solicitors, accountants, doctors and house letting agents.

  • Don't be concerned about whether we can handle your problem or not - you will always be assured of a professional approach and we will never take on a job which is outside of our capabilities. On such rare occasions we will do our best to point you towards another company we trust which might be able to help you.